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Hey there! My name is Jerene…pronounced Jeh-rine kinda like the fruit tangerine :) I’m an absolute foodie, wife and toddler mom.


I was born in the beautiful island Jamaica enjoying a rich and diverse cuisine.  I now live in the great Metropolis Toronto, which is thankfully a thrilling melting pot of cultures. I do miss having easy access to the freshest foods from my family’s and neighbours' backyards. But I've adjusted by getting some of those same foods from my local West Indian stores to create some of the island dishes I miss. The city has exposed me to some new and exciting flavours that I've definitely embraced and I look forward to continuing the culinary exploration.


I believe that every meal coming from your kitchen should have some heart and when you do eat out, you should love what you pay for. From the simplest tuna sandwich to an exquisite platter of sashimi your palate should be treated with respect. I’ve been creating and adapting recipes over the years and I’m happy to share them with you. My posts will include some originals, my versions of traditional Caribbean recipes and international favourites as well as the occasional food escapade.


Thanks for stopping by! Let's enjoy some tablespoons of love together.


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