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Hey foodies! As you know I looooove to cook and in order to create some of my favourite dishes I need awesome fresh ingredients BUT I also need good products that are consistently great. Growing up in Jamaica we all knew that Grace Foods is synonymous with high qality and consistency in good flavour. Their products are ever present in my shopping cart and I'm sure many Jamaicans agree that Grace products are top notch. I am so happy that I'm able to get most of those same products while living here in Toronto. I can find Grace products at my local West Indian stores but they're also available in bigger supermarkets and stores like Walmart and No Frills to name a few.

Recently I had the privilege of partnering with the company and they sent me a beautiful package with some old favourites and some new exciting products as well. I have created some awesome recipes using those goodies but there are other recipes on my Youtube channel where Grace products could easily be great substitutes or additions.

Today I will be highlighting some of those treats I received.


There are actually several Grace hot sauces available on the market. However I use these two more often. I find that the GRACE crushed pepper sauce works really well in sauces and Peppered Shrimp. The classic GRACE red hot pepper sauce is an awesome condiment or a great additon to Buffalo Sauce and Seafood boil sauces. I see pineapple listed as an ingredient in the GRACE crushed pepper sauce. That might be the slight sweetness I get from it. The Hot pepper sauce is a staple in most Jamaican homes and restaurants. I do enjoy them both but I find that I use the crushed pepper sauce more often. Check out the videos below for inspiration to use these tasty sauces.


From dry powdered seasoning to thick chunky seasonings and saucy marinades, Grace Foods provides us with tons of options. For the foodie who is new to Jerk or for the kids who'd like to try...there's a mild Jerk seasoning to try. It is milder than the HOT but still packed with flavour. I enjoy marinating seafood, meat or chicken with the seasonings then brushing on the Jerk marinades during cooking. I am totally in love with the GRACE JERK BBQ sauce! It is so versatile! it's a great condiment but works wonderfully as a marinade too! These Grace products can be found in most local grocery stores. West Indian stores also carry them so happy cooking! ENjoyyyyy!

Check out the videos below to see how you may use some of the jerk seasonings and marinades. Your tastebuds will thank you!

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