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Cookbook Coming this month!

Its finally here guys! Yaay! I have to say I honestly wanted to do a huge paperback book with tons of recipes (Eventually :) ) However...that takes alot of time. Besides, I have been getting soooo many requests for recipes. I thought, let's do a quick ebook with some of the FAVOURITES. I intend to do a collection of books with Caribbean recipes and also International flavours. This first book will be an ebook so it can be viewed on Kindle, tablets and mobile phones but I'll be working on getting a paperback version in the future.

I am aiming for release date October 20, 2018. When you do get your copy of the ebook be assured that I'll answer any questions you have regarding any recipes. I have added recipe notes where necessary for certain recipes. There are 14 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner with steps that will be easy to follow. Excited to hear your feedback and looking forward to your support. Happy cooking!

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I am so psyched about this cookbook!!!!! I am so Happy for you! Can’t wait

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